The brief

When PRO was asked to get top-tier coverage for Flashpoint investment companies and its own corporate news, we knew it would be necessary to find a succession of unique stories.

The plan

Flashpoint has a number of different investment styles and location interests as well as great sector expertise, so our strategy was to highlight the breadth of their offer. We set up in-depth interviews with executives in financial industry trades, creating interest and communicating the brand story.

A calendar of announcements both for Flashpoint and for its portfolio company’s announcements snowballed, with each one building momentum and setting up the next. For global coverage, we produced a flow of exclusive and unique releases for top-tier and local publications.

The result

We enabled coverage of 30 different releases in Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Business Insider, Sifted, Tech.eu, UKTN, Unquote, RealDeals, AlphaWeek, Private Equity News, Pitchbook, and many more.


different media releases