The PR Office, alongside its exciting client – Gibbs Technologies – recently took to the Thames to demonstrate the firm’s fleet of amphibious vehicles before potential licensees.

One of Gibbs’ largest offerings, The Humdinga (an amphibious truck), which is being optioned for a potential amphibious river taxi application, took to the water to demonstrate its state-of-art technology – seamlessly transitioning between land and water mode within seconds. The demonstration, carried out in front of potential licensees, was set up to showcase the vehicles’ possible use as a one-of-a-kind river taxi service and not only attracted large crowds along the sunny riverbanks of London, but also the world’s media.

The Russian broadcast channel, RT (Russia Today), was invited to exclusively film the demonstration. RT fed the three minute video to its YouTube channel and within a couple of hours, the video had achieved hundreds of views (quickly moving into thousands). The video was then syndicated by many online publications including The Mail Online. The PR Office followed this up with a press release, outlining Gibbs’ engineering skills and what its fleet of amphibious vehicles can offer. This achieved further coverage in key publications such as City A.M. and International Business Times.

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