There are no words that can adequately express our concern now for our families, friends, neighbours, colleagues and clients. However, know that our thoughts are with you all at what is a time like none of us have ever experienced.

These are not normal times. At previous times of crisis, we have always had someone to turn to; someone who had the experience to guide us and comfort us and indeed reassure us. Today, we are literally all in this together and so I want to wish you well in the sincerest hope that you, your family and colleagues are safe and well.

I also want to assure you that the health of our continuing operations as we face such uncertainty, is robust.

We had previously made investments in new ways of working and those investments have made us nimble, agile and fully capable to work from home and work remotely. During this situation, no matter how long it lasts, we are fully operational.

  • Work from Home – every one of us at The PR Office can work from home (WFH) in a fully operational manner. Our remote access is one of the most efficient and secure.
  • Maintaining productivity and community – we have been employing best practices in WFH practices for over a year now. We hold all our team meetings by ZOOM and have found that it improves productivity and support.

We remain proactive. We are working on your behalf as always. Our activities with media, politicians, influencers and markets continue apace. Our commitment to transparency continues unabated and all e lines of communication are open. We will continue to work tirelessly with you too, while delivering exceptional results.

No one can minimise this situation, as severe and unprecedented as it is. However, it is temporary in both nature and duration. We are a community and will continue to be your most trusted and reliable partner.

Please stay safe and well. Your Account Lead is already in regular contact with you and I want to assure you that your interests continue to be our priority.

Shimon Cohen

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