Meet us

Success story

Drawn from big agencies, professional services, not-for-profits, business, media or home-grown, our eclectic team is one of the most multi-talented in the business.

Shimon Cohen

Founder and Chairman

Laura Moss

Co-Managing Director

Marc Cohen

Co-Managing Director

Aaron Bass

Associate Director

Carrie Bonnar

Account Executive

Gavriel Cohn

Account Executive

Nuala Gallagher

Account Director

Gabriel Hedengren

Account Manager

Shivani Lodhia

Account Executive

Deborah Low

Account Manager

Phil Rosenberg

Associate Director

Rebecca Strauss

Account Executive

Olivia Whaley

Account Manager

Renee Rossi

Head of US

Our cultural values


Constructively accountable
– we’ve built a blameless culture that underpins the trust and respect we have for each other.
Empowering of others
– true empowerment allows others to grow, develop and realise their potential.
Proactive self-starters
– by thinking one step ahead (at least), we seek to eliminate problems before they appear and capitalise on opportunities as they emerge.

Clients first

– we are entrepreneurial and we spot opportunities, innovate, push boundaries and challenge ourselves daily.
– we invest in relationships, we deliver value and seek to become a trusted partner.
Passionate about communications
– our passion drives our curiosity, tenacity and desire to deliver the best work possible.


We’re collaborative in our approach
– our potential is enriched by working together as a team, valuing each other’s opinions, encouraging candour, sharing ideas and broadening our thinking.
One team
– we aim to be kind and respectful, embracing diversity and seeking to make each other feel valued, supported, recognised and included.
Professional yet fun
– we believe that having fun as a team while working hard is a winning combination.

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