Deborah Low


Junior Account Director

Deborah joined PRO as an intern in 2018 and quickly became a Junior Account Director, working across the corporate, technology and not-for-profit sectors.

When not immersed in the world of PR, Deborah can often be found engrossed in a book or seeking out new recipes to trial.

The story so far

– Works with Hudson Healthcare care homes, campaign organisation Shechita UK and leading mobile gaming company Playtika, which together reflect the breadth of her portfolio
– Significant experience in writing and event management
– Received a first-class honours degree in English from the University of Birmingham

What we need to do, as PRs, is convert our generation’s instinctive inclination to share every detail of our lives, and fast, into professional practice. It requires the identification of a story’s key ingredients: narrative, language, plot, characters, setting, points of view and themes.

Deborah Low