Nic Conner


Senior Consultant & Head of Media

Nic has a comprehensive understanding of the global media landscape, an expertise he adeptly utilises in PRO’s science, innovation, and technology divisions. His role involves strategic media planning, focusing on ensuring that client’s narratives reach the intended audiences via relevant media channels.

Boasting a decade’s experience in both in-house and agency roles, Nic’s areas of specialisation include technology, with a particular emphasis on deep tech, and financial services, focusing on venture capital. He is skilled in aiding companies in establishing and developing their brands launch, through to their flotation and beyond.

Nic also leads on PRO’s crisis work utilising his strategic and media know-how to help clients navigate more turbulent times. His professional journey encompasses a stint in the media department of the Conservative Party, contributions to a prominent think tank, and involvement in the Vote Leave campaign.

Away from work, Nic dedicates his weekends to his young family in Snowdonia, North Wales. Together, they relish the region’s rich variety of natural beauty, from its towering mountains to its picturesque coastal areas.

The story so far

– Nic began his career in communications with the Conservative Party, significantly contributing to Boris Johnson’s first mayoral election campaign in 2008 and subsequently at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) in the lead-up to the 2010 General Election. He later spearheaded the campaign in the party’s #1 target seat.
– Following his political tenure, Nic took the helm of press operations at the world’s oldest conservative think-tank. In this role, he successfully revitalised the organisation’s brand, and amplified its presence and influence in public discourse.
– He was an early joiner of the Vote Leave campaign, coming on board when the team numbered just 30. Nic started as a press officer, later transitioning to a key role in broadcast media operations, showcasing his adaptability and media acumen.
– During his four-year stint in the fintech sector, Nic’s notable period at Growth Street, a peer-to-peer lending platform, was marked by significant achievements. He was instrumental in the company securing the 17th spot on Deloitte’s UK Fastest-Growing Tech Firms list and played a key role in supporting a £17.5m funding round.
– As a communications consultant, Nic has specialised in the technology sector. He has excelled in creating innovative multimedia campaigns, particularly in deep data, legal tech, and regulatory tech. His proficiency in cybersecurity has led to the development and execution of some of the sector’s most influential media campaigns

Reputation matters. Your brand identity is underpinned by your reputation. How you talk and are viewed publicly can make or break your firm. Companies are under increasing pressure from a host of stakeholders who expect to work with a company with a good reputation; building and maintaining that reputation, like everything, is a process.

Nic Conner