Back in 2020, when I was applying for jobs from my bedroom – for reasons we would rather forget –  I was hoping to find an agency that understood the importance of career development. When I discovered PRO, the website talked in detail about the PRO Library – it’s training and development programme – and after speaking to the team about this during my interview, I felt confident the team saw the importance of individual career progression.

I was right to feel so confident. Thanks to PRO’s programme, a year into my role I  made the jump from senior account executive to account manager. From day one at PRO, I’ve been handed multiple training opportunities, including formal one-to-one and group sessions,  regular internal mentor sessions and twice-a-year 360 peer reviews. I was once told the hardest career step in a PR agency is from executive to manager, but all of this training helped to make that transition as smooth as possible. PRO’s training can be accessed at any time through The PRO Library, and all staff have access to it too, to ensure there is a toolkit readily available for people at all stages of their career.

My colleague Deborah Low was also promoted last year, having been with the company since 2018. She joined as an intern and has since moved her way up through the ranks, a similar route taken by many people in our team. Deb is a great example of how PRO’s training and nurturing culture can help people progress in their careers.

When I asked Deb why she thinks the training scheme is so successful, she said, “Since beginning my PRO journey back in 2018, I’ve had the chance to take part in a variety of development session. As an intern, I took part in ‘intro to PR’ and then as I moved through my career, I’ve had a tailored programme to support me at every stage.

“The mindset training that is given at the account manager level was key to helping me settle into my new role too. It’s particularly useful as it gets you thinking in a completely new way. It provides support on how to do the role and gives you practical and actionable guidance to carry it out. This paired, with PRO’s nurturing attitude and commitment to supporting people, is why the scheme is so successful.”

I’ve now been an account manager for just over six months and my client portfolio has grown in that time to include organisations across the charity, hospitality, and property sectors. I have also taken on a mentor role myself, which has allowed me to grow in a new way and pass on what I have learnt so far. As I continue in my PR journey, I know I will get the support I need to be a great practitioner and mentor!

The PR Office is currently recruiting for a new account manager, alongside other roles. With a host of exciting clients across an array of sectors, an award-winning training and development programme, we are an agency where you can begin and elevate your PR career! We would love to hear from you: Careers – The PR Office


Olivia Whaley is an account manager at The PR Office

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