The PR Office were delighted to head North to run a crisis communications seminar and workshop for Charity Comms’ North West Networking Event, run by our very own Kate Turner.

From the session:

“Working through theory of how to identify, understand and address crises across the not-for-profit sector, the session worked with a range of in-house and freelance communication professionals from Manchester, the North West and beyond.

“While most not-for-profit communications professionals have experience in dealing with crises, by reviewing the stages of crisis communications and working through the presentation and activities we could see that there is a universality to the fundamentals of planning, and dealing with, crises.

“By re-thinking the pre-crisis planning stages, we were able to look at not just how to prepare for issues, but how they can be diffused or even prevented entirely. Examining a number of real-life crises – which were resolved with varying degrees of success – enabled us to think about what we would do in the same situation.

“A series of breakout sessions explored theoretical scenarios which helped the participants think critically about the structure and processes of critical planning right through to post-event activity. Clearly, the room was filled with a wealth of experience, and what was most interesting was the variety of opinions and interpretations of what scenarios would mean and the best way to respond.

“It was fantastic to visit Manchester to meet so many communications professionals, and it was a really interesting opportunity to talk though crisis theory and learn how it fits with everyone’s experience.”

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*Photo Credit: Charity Comms

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