The PR Office’s Chairman, Shimon Cohen, accompanied a number of international journalists to Jordan to witness the thrills of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup on a trip hosted by HRH Prince Ali bin Hussein of Jordan. Whilst the tournament was an important focal point of the trip, HRH Prince Ali, was also keen to focus on Jordan as a moderate society, which has led the way when it comes to Arab women and their participation in sport as well as other walks of life.

To that end the three days in Jordan also included briefings with the Sports Minister and Tourism Minister as well as organisers of the under 17 World Cup. During the three day stay Shimon and the journalists visited the Zatari refugee camp on the Syrian border meeting children and seeing at, first hand, the projects HRH Prince Ali’s Asian Football Development Project (AFDP) has put in place to encourage girls in the camps to take part in playing football as well as using the game as a tool for education and inclusion.


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