The PR Office is pleased to announce the creation of a new ‘Market Entry’ offering to help companies identify and prepare for opportunities, risks and challenges when launching new products and services. The offering will include consultancy, forming go-to-market strategies, persona analysis, and sales funnel optimisation.

The creation of the Market Entry offering has grown out of a combination of clients expanding demands for exceptional PR results as well as advice as to how to optimise coverage to drive sales, coupled with internal expertise and the desire to deliver the best results for clients. This new offering ties in closely to the existing work that The PR Office undertakes for its clients who have previously undertaken projects including sales and pre-sales functions, stakeholder engagement, and competitor analysis.

The PR Office chairman, Shimon Cohen, said: ‘At The PR Office, Public Relations has always been more than just PR. We adapt to our clients’ needs to assist them in relating to their publics. Now we have developed a full-service Market Entry consultancy assisting our clients with their business expansion. We believe this new product will be of tremendous value to many of our existing clients and many more who are looking to expand.’

The new offering will be led by Ben Judah who has a decade of communications, marketing, and pre-sales expertise, and has worked with a range of companies from international publicly traded entities to small early stage startups.


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