Last week, several members of the PRO team had the opportunity to attend a broadcast PR training session run by broadcast specialists, Markettiers.

As part of the morning’s programme, the team was shown how best to utilise a wide range of broadcast media for our clients and to maximise their reach. The first of the insightful sessions saw us learn how to navigate clients through the changing climate of both traditional broadcast media such as TV and radio and new media including podcasts. We gained a deeper understanding of the tried-and-tested methods to ensure that the full potential of the broadcast opportunity is used in order to gain maximum exposure for the organisation and its key message.

One of the biggest take-homes from the session was the way in which PRs should best prepare clients for live TV interviews through bespoke media training which takes into account the vast differences in the types of available broadcast media, from podcasts to social media, online videos and live streaming. Rather than solely focusing on traditional PR channels such as print and online sources, it is important to recognise that there are other ways of reaching your target audience with your intended message. Matching the right audience and using the right channel to access that audience with your client’s message is key.

Although trade publications and certain national newspapers are key to emphasising expertise and credibility in a client’s given field, as they only reach certain demographics, they arguably lack the diverse audience that is key to achieving wider message penetration. On the other hand, a broadcast show or programme is likely to engage a broader demographic, so can be a more effective way to ‘spread the word’ about your client.

Podcasts and recirculated radio interviews have the added advantage of allowing the audience to access information at convenient times, which is often a more effective way of maintaining interest and sustaining professional dialogue.

This was an invaluable training session that allowed members of the team to heighten their knowledge and expertise of the world of broadcast PR. We can’t wait to put them into practice!

Drew Salisbury is an Account Executive at The PR Office and Olivia Mair recently completed a work placement at The PR Office.

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