Here at The PR Office, we regularly host both short work placements and longer internships for people from all walks of life who want an understanding of how the industry operates. Our very own Drew Salisbury sat down with PRO’s latest recruit, Olivia Aziz, to talk about her two-week work placement at the company.

Hi Olivia! Firstly, I speak on behalf of the whole team at PRO when I say that it has been a real pleasure to have you working with us. We hope that it has been an enjoyable and interesting experience for you.

It really has! I have loved my time at PRO. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming to me. I’ve learnt so much about the industry.

That’s great to hear! How would you describe our company culture?

I think that it’s very relaxed. It’s a very fun and dynamic environment. You’re not all just working at your desks quietly – it’s also very social and creative at the same time. I think that the pool table is a great addition. A lot of companies don’t have that. You all work incredibly hard, but also have fun.

Now that you have got a flavour for the world of PR, is this a potential career path for you?

Yes, it is a potential option because I have really enjoyed the experience working with everyone at PRO. I think that PR is a really interesting field. The work that the company does for its clients is incredible. I also love how news-savvy you have to be. However, as a Marketing and Psychology undergraduate, I feel that Marketing in itself is also another career option. Often people think that Marketing and PR are the same thing when they really aren’t! My work placement has really taught me this.

What is the most interesting thing that you have done at PRO?

Well, what I’ve loved about my time at PRO is that I have been involved in a wide variety of projects, which has been a fascinating insight into the world of PR. From learning about the role of social media in business to the upcoming projects of a number of clients, I have learnt so much.

Did you feel that the work was a valuable experience in relation to your studies?

Yes, definitely! When you think about Psychology and PR, they kind of go hand in hand with each other. You have to think about people’s opinions and views of the world. You want people to remember your clients and the work that they do. There is definitely a psychological aspect to PR. It terms of Marketing, you also have to use some marketing techniques, but in a more targeted way.

What is the skill that you have developed the most from your stint at PRO?

Organisation. In PR, you need to really stay on top of everything. I’ve been really inspired by how organised everyone is at PRO. I’ve definitely learnt a few tips from the team.

What advice would you give to other students looking for work experience in PR for the first time?

Be open to gaining new skills and continue to learn. My time at PRO has allowed me to develop a new skillset and way of working, which I’ll be able to use throughout my career.

Finally, what has been the highlight of working at PRO?

Firstly, the warmness shown by everyone at the company has been extraordinary. I couldn’t have asked for kinder people to shadow. Secondly, the opportunity to work on some incredibly interesting projects. It has been a wonderful experience for me!






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