In his interview with Ben Smith for PRmoment, our chairman Shimon Cohen emphasises that in order to get your message across, you need to understand essentially three things: where you are now, where you want to be and how you need to get there. As he recalls in the words of his former mentor and boss, Baron Bell: ‘This is all you have to do’. It is important not to lose sight of what the goal of PR is.

Shimon does not like the idea of people being pigeonholed into one sector. Just like a journalist can hop from one specialism to another, PR practitioners can do the same. As he explains, if a PR reads only one type of publication, they risk acquiring a very narrow outlook on life and the way in which it operates.

For Shimon, PR is about media relations, communication and relaying key messages. It is therefore important for PRs to work across different sectors, as they will develop transferable skills that will put them in good stead to tackle any work situation.

‘We are not meant to be the expert, the client is. Our job is to help our clients communicate their messages effectively.’

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