As part of The PR Office’s ongoing stakeholder engagement campaign for financial services company, HBFS, we organised and attended a seminar which focused on the impending changes to rules around the non-doms tax regime.

The event served as an opportunity for HBFS to offer the industry insights into how they should advise their clients on navigating through the upcoming changes in legislation.

Professor Ronen Palan, from City University London, initiated discussions by recounting the history of non-doms and, perhaps most interestingly, tax havens, which we learned came into existence largely by accident.

John Hancock and Rachael Griffin from Old Mutual Wealth were next to present. They elaborated on the key features of, and advantages to, offshore wrappers. An offshore wrapper offers a solution to the proposed reforms. Both speakers eloquently drove home to importance of preparing for the legal changes as early on as possible.

Stakeholder events are vital for businesses who want to engage with a specialist community, such as, in this case, lawyers and accountants who need to be informed on the issue of non-doms for their clients. It compliments ongoing media efforts for the firm.

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