Last week the PRO held a very well received investors breakfast to support Shefa Yamim, the Israeli precious stones company, with its initial public offering (IPO) and listing on the London Stock Exchange. This was a culmination of a project to raise the profile of Shefa Yamim and specifically engage with the Jewish community.

The project began with interviews between key UK Jewish publications and senior executives at Shefa Yamim during which we were able to highlight two key stories, firstly the exciting results following exploration and the overall prospect of the mine especially the find of the Carmel Sapphire. Secondly, the interesting back story of the company which came about following a meeting 29 years ago between the then-mayor of Haifa, Aryeh Gurel, who visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, in Brooklyn. There the rebbe spoke of ‘hidden gems’ in the valley near Haifa. Almost thirty years of stringent geological research and exploration later Shefa Yamim are ready to list onto the London Stock Exchange.

In addition to this media activity we prepared for an investors breakfast at the Pilar Hotel in North-West London. We developed a very targeted invitation list, fully compliant invitations and managed any requests from attending potential investors.

On the morning of the breakfast we were joined by 27 investors in a packed room and held the initial presentation from Shefa Yamim followed by a lively discussion. Following the event both members of Shefa Yamim and potential investors informed us that they thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast. As a result of the breakfast, Shefa Yamim was contacted by several prospective investors with serious interest in their future listing.

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