In our latest episode of 🎙PRO Talks 🎙Gabriel Hedengren was joined by Allan Nixon, Head of Science & Technology at Westminster think tank, Onward, to dive into tomorrow’s UK autumn budget announcement and how it will impact the country’s VC and startup sector.

Topics covered include:

🔍 Budget behind the scenes: Allan draws on his experience as a Number 10 special adviser to outline what happens in the week leading up to a budget announcement.

🤔 Unmet tech sector asks: Discover what the tech sector has asked for and why the Government may face challenges delivering on those requests in this parliamentary term.

🤖 AI Safety Summit: Find out if the outcomes of the AI Safety Summit have shaped the budget announcements.

💼 Pension reforms: Allan sheds light on when we can expect to see the impact of pension reforms and whether there’s any opposition to it within the sector.

👥 Ministerial changes at DSIT: will recent ministerial changes at DSIT impact the Government’s approach to the tech sector moving forward?

Please listen to the full episode via this link:

About the Author: Drew Salisbury