In the latest episode of PRO Talks, we caught up Neil Ross, Associate Director for Policy at techUK.

Ever since the 2019 general election and the ensuing rise of Keir Starmer, the Labour Party has radically shifted the way in which it engages with the UK’s business, tech and finance industries. This has resulted in the party developing a policy platform which more closely aligns with the current administration’s and meets the demands of the private sector. We expect this to be felt during the Labour Party Conference, where more representatives of the private sector are expected to attend than we’ve seen for a decade or more.

Ahead of the Conference kick-off, in the latest episode of our podcast, PRO Talks, we speak to Neil Ross from TechUK about what this means more specifically for entrepreneurs and investors, and what potential pain points Labour will face going forward, such as the debate with labour unions about the impact of AI on employment.

About the Author: Drew Salisbury