The PR Office attended and coordinated media for The Conference of European Rabbis’ Internet Entrepreneur’s Prize Award Ceremony which featured a special award, the Rabbi Moshe Rosen prize, presented to Former French President Sarkozy for his ongoing support of the Jewish community.

The finalists for this year’s Ceremony, which rewards participants’ innovation, were Jewish Interactive, ALS Mobile Analyzer and Rize.

The night featured a discussion with President Sarkozy and ex-Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor, Tim Marshall, where Sarkozy restated his support for the Jewish community.

The evening was hosted by Mikhail Fridman and amongst the honoured guests were President of the CER, Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt, CER Associate President Chief Rabbi Mirvis and Av Beth Din of the European Beth Din, Dayan Ehrentreu.

The event achieved great coverage across the board, in both the Jewish and mainstream press, including coverage in The Times, The Jewish Chronicle and The Jewish News.

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